Antair BlackBerry Spam Filter 3.0 3.0

    Author: Antair
  • License: Shareware $49.95
  • OS: RIM
  • Publisher: Antair Corporation
  • Homepage:

Antair BlackBerry Spam Filter 3.0 3.0 Description

" Antair BlackBerry Spam Filter 3.0 : The best spam solution for your BlackBerry. Your Antair Spam Filter sits directly on your BlackBerry, and filters spam directly from your BlackBerry e-mail inbox. We designed Antair Spam Filter to be fast, small, smart, and effective. "

Edit By Editor: Antair BlackBerry Spam Filter 3.0 - The best spam solution for your BlackBerry.

No more tricks or hacks involving Outlook or redirection settings just to stop the endless flow of spam into your BlackBerry.

No more sifting through hundreds of spam messages on your BlackBerry just to get to the important e-mail that you need to get your work done.

Antair Spam Filter stops spam where it counts--directly on your BlackBerry device. There are no dependencies on desktop applications, corporate servers, third-party filtering services, or forwarding settings.

Your Antair Spam Filter installs directly on your BlackBerry, and filters spam directly from your BlackBerry e-mail inbox.

Simple to use. A full complement of filtering options.

There is no need to learn how to use a new BlackBerry mail program. In fact, you don' t even need to configure Antair Spam Filter in order to use it. It works with the standard e-mail application available on your BlackBerry, and it begins filtering spam immediately after installation. Simple and effective.

Antair BlackBerry Spam Filter provides a full complement of filtering options:

-Address Whitelists
-Address Blacklists
-Domain Whitelists
-Domain Blacklists
-Term Whitelists
-Term Blacklists
-Full integration with the BlackBerry inbox.
-Full integration with the BlackBerry address book.
-Full cooperation with server-side spam tags.
-Complete monitoring of all e-mail accounts.
-Full support for personal and corporate devices.
-A fully configurable, powerful spam engine.

Smart, effective, and unobtrusive.

Antair Spam Filter works with both corporate and personal BlackBerry devices, and filters spam from all of the e-mail accounts set up on the BlackBerry.

The software works silently in the background, removing all annoying spam messages as they arrive in your e-mail inbox, without ever bothering you or distracting your workflow.

Antair Spam Filter simply removes spam from your BlackBerry inbox, and allows you to get on with your business.

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