Gambler'' s Odds 1.0

Gambler'' s Odds 1.0 Description

" Gambler'' s Odds : The main purpose of Gambler' s Odds is analyzing of odds of many casino games such as roulette, craps, different variations of video poker, etc. Various money management systems such as flat, Martingale, d' Alembert and contra d' Alembert can be used. . "

Editor: Gambler'' s Odds - Gambler' s Odds is software for analysis and comparing the odds of different casino games and different bet systems.

Software allows choosing the game and bet system to match the individual preferences of player. You can analyze and compare different games and money systems to select the best way that meets the needs of your criteria of perfect gambling such as higher probability of net win or minimal risk or ruin, shortest time to hit the target or others.

The basic feature of Gambler' s Odds is using of mathematical model of gambling stochastic ( accidental ) processes. Software does not process results of random simulations. It allows to get more quality results for analysis and comparing the odds.

Gambler' s Odds introduces the following features and enhancements:
1. Set of descriptions of many casino games and bets: roullete, craps, video poker etc
2. Set of descriptions of bet systems: flat, Martingale, d' Alembert, Contra d' Alembert
3. Ability of custom description of games, bets and bet systems
4. Charts for analysis: net results, probability of win and loss, risk of ruin etc
5. Ability to view charts in two modes: figures or data table.
6. Export of results to graphic or text file.

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